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Sewage and waste water treatment technology and equipment: Water treatment equipment, new technology for water recycling, new urban water-saving appliances, applicable technology and products, water treatment automatic control system, aerobic-anaerobic treatment appliance, oil-water separation equipment, flotation equipment, electrolytic treatment equipment, aeration equipment, water quality analysis equipment, water quality monitoring and testing equipment, etc;
New sludge treatment technology and equipment: Policies and plans of sludge treatment, sludge digestion, sludge composting, sludge drying, sludge incineration, new technology and equipment of sludge treatment, etc;
Technology and equipment of membrane and membrane separation: Membranes and membrane modules, engineering of membrane separation, related technologies, materials and test devices in membrane separation, etc;
Pipeline: Various metal, non-metal pipe, pipe fittings, pipe reducer, joint, elbow, pipe/well cover, pipe laying, pipeline inspection, pipeline rectification equipment, lifting equipment, and remote water supply system related automation control, etc;
Pumps and Valves: Various metering pumps, chemical pumps, water pumps, oil pumps, process pumps, sewage pumps; various butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, balancing valves, pressure reducing valves, check valves, ball valves, piston valves, pneumatic valves, solenoid valves, control valves, safety valves, special valves, high pressure valves, etc;
Terminal clean water/drinking water equipment/accessory products: Clean water materials, equipment and apparatus, distilled water, pure water, purified water, mineral water manufacturing, disinfection equipment and pharmaceuticals, water purifiers in home, office, commerce, industry, water softeners, water purification equipment and apparatus, etc;
Accessories: Connector, control valve, flow meter, water meter, pressure tank, computer board, pressure switch, power supply transformer, chassis, filter bottle, membrane shell, water distributor, faucet, sterilization, etc;
Supporting services: Water, water treatment engineering units, consulting and design agencies, branches, certification/testing services, education, etc.